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Towards a healthier tomorrow with innovation in supplementation

Led by the vision of CEO, Dinesh AR and Managing Director, Ms. Anusha Sane, Aavishkar was founded with the intent of rethinking and addressing how the administration of nutraceuticals and supplementation was perceived. We have achieved this with futuristic packaging, enhanced portability and hassle-free method of administration. Our proprietary, ThinSolTM technology has furthered this cause.

The Journey


Dinesh & Anusha conceptualized and registered the company.


Installation of R&D & manufacturing facility.


Initiation of first commercial order of pharmaceutical ThinSolâ„¢ strips. Addition of angel investor to Aavishkar family.


Product registration & first commercial export to Europe.


Augmentation of production capacity to 5 million strips per month. Commercial production of nutraceutical strips.


Company crossed over from break-even to registered profits.


Expansion to global markets. Contracts made with major clients in the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, etc.


Augmentation of product portfolio with new categories – Oral hygiene products, Ingestible beauty and Pets healthcare products.


Heavily invested in research and developed 75+ products and exports to 40 countries.


Focus on creating clinical evidence & IP assets and Brand imaging.


Construction of 220000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and Research centre with 2 Billion strips production capacity per year.


To reimagine and reinvent supplements through innovative science and technology. To make supplementation a simple, convenient and enjoyable experience and sustainable by making the most out of the least. To make the world a healthier place.


To become the number one platform for oral thin strips (OTFs) through leveraging cutting edge ThinSolTM technology and layer in most if not all the supplements and herbal extracts into Oral Thin Film Format. We want to make OTFs ubiquitous and make Aavishkar synonymous to Oral Thin Strips.

Values that drive our innovation

Leadership with passion

We aspire to be an industry leader and the benchmark of excellence in a constantly changing environment. We are passionate about being the first in the market, realising opportunities and delivering the best.


We commit to 100% transparency from sourcing to process to delivery. We procure 100% traceable ingredients and open all doors to our partners who share our values of transparency, honesty and integrity.


We challenge the status quo! We intend to disrupt the nutrition market with innovative technologies and efficient ingredients in order to bring true value to the consumers. We believe we can make a difference by thinking beyond the obvious.

Collaboration and Partnership

Our partners are our friends, philosophers and guides! We strive to work closely with them, listen to their every need, and work hard to make them a reality because we believe that only through partnership and collaborative ethos, can we make a difference.

Commitment to Excellence

Complacency is the biggest enemy to excellence. We are never done; we always aim high and demand the best from ourselves and our partners. We constantly question ourselves and our methods, and if we find a better one, we shift towards it.


Dinesh A. R.

Promoter & CEO

Dinesh, a Biotechnologist by training, and over a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, turned an entrepreneur because of his passion to innovate and create value. His technical expertise is only rivaled by his obsession towards developing scalable and research- backed techniques and processes.


Anusha Sane

Promoter & Director

Anusha, on the other hand, has a degree in Computer Science and diverse experience of over 6 years in finance management. Anusha ensures the company is future proof on the technology front and strategizes the financial aspects of the business including recruitments and cash flow. Her strategic measures have ensured Aavishkar remains profitable and 100% debt- free.