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100% plant based and vegan
Clean label
Minimal excipients
Natural and organic ingredients
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We have developed and standardized carefully selected, sustainably sourced ingredients ranging from minerals to herbal extracts, and vitamins to proprietary blends. With our aim to make wellbeing an achievable reality, we are always on the lookout for more innovative ingredients.

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We provide customisation from scratch. This means that we not only support you to incorporate your ideas in our existing formulas but we also develop the formula from scratch based on your idea. Active ingredient combinations, flavour options, shapes and sizes, we are at your service and we do love a good challenge.

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The Innovation

ThinSol is the tool that helps encapsulate the ingredients at a micro level to improve their absorption and mask its taste. The unique process is water based by eliminating the need for solvents, requires less temperature for drying, tailors the ingredients’ dosage with different sizes, shapes and thickness and uses ingredients with different solubility profiles. This leads to advantage in product development lead time and commercial scalability, making it budget-friendly.

We realised that nutrition needs are varied. Spatial and temporal changes along with multiple population group specifications require tailored products and ThinSol provides an all in one solution.